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Bluefield Compliance specialises in all facets of Hazardous Areas and Type B gas appliances. We understand that ongoing compliance can be time-consuming and difficult, so we have taken a practical approach to making the process simple, efficient and pain-free.

Type B Gas Compliance

Hazardous Area Compliance

Digital Dossier

Bluefield’s extensive experience in the compliance sector has led to the development of an intuitive and practical digital dossier to support our clients to self-manage all aspects of Hazardous Area and Type B Gas Appliances.

Simplifying Your Compliance

Compliance is the process involving systematic examination of a system. Developing and following this process is critical to ensuring the plant
and equipment is compliant, safe and no details are missed.

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We believe in challenging the status quo when it comes to Hazardous Areas and Type B Compliance. Our team has broad experience in Hazardous Areas and a foundation in asset management with extensive hands on trade experience. Every member of our team has an electrical trade background, plus a professional qualification. We take a practical approach towards Hazardous Areas & Type B and strive to find the simplest and most productive solution for our clients. We use the latest technology to ensure we move with the times and are more efficient in conducting our business. Our strategy from the outset has been to find unique Hazardous Areas/Type B Specialists who have years of proven hands-on experience so that the results we deliver are practical and fit for purpose.

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