Bluefield Compliance Training – Basic Hazardous Awareness Course

Basic Hazardous Awareness Course

Basic Hazardous Awareness – from major gas plants service stations, wheat silos to small bakeries – wherever there is flammable gasses or combustible dust – do you know your obligations and requirements for these hazardous areas?

Aims – To ensure that all non-electrical personnel of hazardous areas understand the basic how, where, why and what of the special requirements and required obligations of all involved in the hierarchy.

Audience – The course is designed for those that do not necessarily have an electrical background.

Explains in simple terminology to those from upper and middle management to non-electrical personnel working in the areas what needs to be in place to prevent an explosion or fire.

To show who is accountable and how to have your plant safe and compliant.

  • There are four options for this course being coal mining, gas, dust or pressurisation.

Topics Covered

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