Hazardous Area Auditing

Hazardous Area Auditing

The role of an Accredited Hazardous Areas Auditor


In Queensland, the Electrical Safety Regulations 2013, Section 221 requires that an accredited auditor inspects electrical installations in hazardous areas prior to connection or reconnection to a source of electricity if:

  • The installation is being connected for the first time
  • Electrical installation work has been performed on an electrical installation within a Hazardous Area


  • The electrical work has been inspected by an accredited auditor


  • The accredited auditor has confirmed that the electrical installation, to the extent it is affected by the electrical work, has been tested to ensure it is electrically safe and complies with the requirements of the wiring rules and any other standard applying under this regulation to the electrical installation.

Any Hazardous Areas audit is a systematic and critical examination of the installation, equipment, its operation and safety systems.

HA Auditing

To say a piece of equipment is compliant is to say that:

  • The installation has been correctly classified
  • The equipment selection is correct
  • The equipment has been installed as per the certificate of conformity and/or manufactures specifications
  • Accessories and terminations comply, have been done correctly and, where relevant to a correct torque
  • Equipment has been electrically tested and deemed safe
  • The inspector is trained, competent and authorised

Bluefield appointed auditors are Category 3 – Flammable Gases, Liquids and Combustible Dusts (Zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22).

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