Hazardous Area Conformity Assessment

Hazardous Areas Conformity Assessment

A Conformity Assessment Document (CAD), is provided to demonstrate that the ‘alternative’ certification and manufacturing system can be accepted by the owner as providing the same level of safety as IECEx, ANZEx or AUSEx certification. In accordance with AS/NZS 60079.14 clause 4.3.1.

Other certifications or approvals which AS/NZS 60079 Section 4.3.2 is referring to are like ATEX, CSA, FMR and UL which are used globally but may not be installed unless the comparison of standards against the AN/NZS standards is done to ensure the equipment is safe.

There will be cases where equipment certified as IECEx, ANZEx and AUS Ex is not practically obtainable therefore a CAD can be developed.

Fitness for Purpose

A fitness for purpose report covers the explosion-protection aspects of permanently installed legacy explosion-protected apparatus that has no acceptable certification and a conformity assessment document cannot be prepared to determine the level of conformity with current IEC or AS/NZS Standards.

It requires the ability to gather, establish and evaluate technical information on relevant explosion-protection techniques and to report evaluations and findings, including recommendations based on safety requirements and economic considerations.

Certification record

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