Hazardous Area Inspections

Hazardous Area Inspections

Electrical equipment and installations that fall within explosive atmospheres (flammable gas/vapour & combustible dust) are required to comply with the applicable regulations. The general requirements for the selection, installation and maintenance of electrical equipment for explosive gas atmospheres are detailed in IEC Ex 60079.14, EN 60079.14 and AS/NZS 60079.14.

Inspections are covered by IEC Ex 60079.17, EN 60079.17 and AS/NZS 60079.17.

The requirements of this standard are mandatory and are called up in the applicable Acts or Regulations of each State or Territory in Australia.

Bluefield has the capability of performing hazardous area inspections under ANZ Ex, IEC Ex or under the ATEX 137 directory for installations in international situations.

Electrical installations in Hazardous Areas are specially designed to ensure safe operation in explosive atmospheres. It is essential that throughout the life cycle of such installations that the integrity of these special features is preserved.

They therefore require:

  1. Initial Inspection: To ensure the correct type of protection is appropriate for the hazardous area installation, an initial inspection is required
  2. Periodic Inspections: Periodic inspections need to be carried out as part of the overall maintenance and will apply to existing installations. or
  3. Continuous Supervision: Continuous supervision is intended to apply to plants where frequent attendance, inspection service, care and regular maintenance activities are undertaken by competent personnel.  A competent person may be demonstrated in accordance with AS/NZS 4761, Competencies for working with Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas (EEHA), or equivalent training and assessment framework.

Maintenance has an important role in the ongoing safety of personnel in Hazardous Areas. Our team are competent to provide three types of inspections for electrical equipment in the field, including:

  • Detail inspection
  • Close inspection
  • Visual inspection

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