Type B Gas Appliance Install & Commissioning

Type B Gas Appliance Install & Commissioning

All gas works on Type B gas appliances must be undertaken either under a relevant Gas Work Authorisation (GWA) or if the gas work is carried out at an operating plant under a safety management system and the person carrying out the work has been assessed as competent to carry out the work.

The installation must be carried out in accordance with relevant safety requirements and standards including AS/NZS 5601.1 gas installations.

A copy of the technical submission and approval certification (s733) should be available when installing, commissioning and during any maintenance activity, to ensure that once complete the design has not changed from the approved design.

Things to remember:

  • When working on a Type B gas appliance always ensure you have the technical submission
  • Type B Gas Work Authorisation (GWA) / approval qualification does not allow you to work on Type A gas appliances
  • The system needs to be gas tight
  • If installed in a hazardous area then the device needs to comply with the hazardous areas standards. The Type B gas appliances its self does not create a hazardous area due to the low pressures typically seen (<200kPa)

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